Bespoke Website Design & Development
Bespoke Website Development

Bespoke Website Design involves more process than Basic or Graphical, ensuring the client gets exactly what they want both functionaly and graphically.
Along with the site design your web site could well benefit from WCM (Web Content Management) - to find out more about WCM click here.

Bespoke Website Design usually takes 4 stages:
  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Design
  3. Construction
  4. ‘Going Live’
The relationship with our clients does not end there. Once a client has a product developed by us we believe in supporting and advising to make the best of the product. After all it's not a good reflection on us if a website is not seen by search engines or worse doesn't work! Support
The first step in Bespoke Website Design is the initial meeting with the client. The main purpose of this is to find out the clients ‘wants and needs’. This also involves consultation to advise clients on up-to-date web techniques, web strategies and marketing.

The quotation, time scales and other costs are determined from the meeting results and are sometimes agreed with the client at the same time.

The website is then designed in ‘graphical format’ and presented to the client to comment and change where necessary. Re-design and re-presentation follows until the overall design is agreed. This process is usually fulfilled in one step but can take longer depending on the detail drawn from the initial meeting.

Web space is set up and construction is started so the client can view progression online and test elements of the website where necessary.
Communication with developers is ongoing so changes and ‘de-bugging’ can be discussed and processed succinctly.

Once the site is constructed, tested and agreed by the client the necessary steps are taken to put the site live including set up for web-marketing and submission to relevant search engines etc.

Support is sometimes necessary on more complex sites and is available ongoing if required. This can include ‘site maintenance’ and many other areas.
Support will be discussed with the client in the initial meeting stage.