Terms & Conditions
As a client of Internet Managers an agreement (or contract) may need to be completed. An agreement will confirm you have read and agreed to all terms set out below.
Website Development
All websites designed and developed by Internet Managers are optimised for 800x600 resolution unless otherwise stated. Websites are developed and tested for use with Internet Explorer 5 and above. General testing is carried out with other browsers but some functionality or layout maybe different in other browsers (e.g. Netscape).
All quotations are valid for 30 days from the quotation date. Quotations are free and the client is under no obligation until an agreement has been signed.
Contractual Terms
On the signing of an agreement / contract with Internet Managers a 50% deposit is due on acceptance, the final 50% on completion of the agreement. All quotations are inclusive of VAT and the client will incur no extra charges, unless previously discussed and agreed with Internet Managers.

(Internet Managers reserve the right to withhold the deposit of any contract of which the terms have been broken by the client.)

Once a contract has been agreed with Internet Managers, if the pre-agreed content has not been received within 30 days of the date of the agreement Internet Managers reserve the right to terminate the contract and therefore withhold payment of any deposit and close any agreement with the client. Final payment of any agreement with Internet Managers is due within 14 days on completion of the website. Late payments will incur a 2.5% charge of the final payment for each month over the final payment date.
As a client of Internet Managers, services provided to you by Internet Managers including but not restricted to web sites, marketing, SEO services and management agreements are all deemed as your 'account' with Internet Managers. If you fail to maintain your account or your account falls into arrears then Internet Managers reserve the right to suspend all services within your account until all arrears on your account are paid and the account is no longer in debit.
All content including textual and graphical content must be received in digital format unless alternative provision has been agreed prior to the contractual agreement. Any graphical content provided by Internet Managers remains the property of Internet Managers and may not be used for any other purpose without written consent from Internet Managers.
Website design is agreed between the client and Internet Managers before the construction of the website takes place. Once agreed the website is constructed along the lines of the agreed design, after which any design alterations or disagreements may incur an extra charge by Internet Managers.
Invoices will be sent to the client by email in '.PDF' format and must be paid within 14 days of the date of the invoice. '.PDF' (Portable Document File) is a worldwide acceptable format and requires 'Adobe Acrobat' software to read. To download the software required for reading '.PDF' documents please go to our resources area.
Resources & Links
Resources & Links are provided by Internet Managers, which use external websites. By using these links you acknowledge that Internet Managers have no control over these websites and take no responsibility for the content provided by these websites or any damage allegedly caused by the use of these resources.
All material within this website is copyright of Internet Managers and may not be used for any reason unless written permission is given by Internet Managers.