Web Content Management (WCM) (Content Management Systems - CMS)
Web Content Management (WCM)

What is Web Content Management (WCM)? Web Content Management (WCM) is the method in which content within a web site is managed and displayed.

Internet Managers specialise in WCM systems, also known as a CMS (Content Management System) developing areas where operatives within a company have access to administer content within their site ie adding, amending and deleting content within their website.
Content is the general term used to describe text, images and other data on a website although WCM systems can provide much more. As such a large subject here are some of the key benefits of WCM:
  • Collating Client Details
  • Storing and Displaying Product Information
  • Changing Web Site Content
  • Displaying Seasonal Media
  • Changing Images and giving your site a different feel each time it is visited.

Client Details
Collating client data is one of the most important areas of a business and can be used to great effect within a WCM system allowing communication between a business and its clients through bulk email sends. ‘Client Areas’ can be produced enabling interaction with the web site, clients being able to update their own details online, send messages direct to the company in a formatted structure and much more.
Product Databases
Integrating a database with your website allows you to store information about products (amongst other things) more often than not for an E-Commerce store (see E-Commerce Solutions). Through WCM a system can be developed to allow you access to these records, adding products, updating prices and details, promoting special offers and much more and the best thing about it all is that you don’t have to contact your webmaster each time you want an amendment!
Website Content.
Most businesses update content in media at least once every six months. Where your web site is your online presence this content also needs to be updated. This is where WCM can be a major benefit allowing any content to be added to or amended whenever a change is necessary. Once amended in the WCM system the changes are immediately made to the website. Amongst other things updated content is one of the most sort after criteria in search engines − seeing that your site has up-to-date, changing information can only benefit your internet ranking.
Seasonal Media
Many company’s have seasonal promotions and their websites should reflect this. WCM offers the ability to set your promotions to the exact wording, pricing and advertising that you want. You can go as far as to set an automatic change to your website when the seasons change ensuring you capture key business as soon as the season starts.

WCM can change enhance efficiency
Business is becoming more competitive in every area and businesses are having to streamline operations in many areas. Productivity is key. How much time does it take to change information on your web site? Creating the content, amending various parts of it, sending this to the webmaster and then waiting for the change to take place. WCM offers the fastest way to update content and, as a long term investment, probably the cheapest way.

To discuss how WCM can benefit your company or to plan your business online including WCM please contact Internet Managers.