Website Design & Development
Website Design & Development

Web site design and development is one of the major services Internet Managers provide although more often than not we aim to provide clients with more than just the start to their online business we provide an ongoing service which ensures their web site is always providing the maximum results for the company.

Our design and development service caters for all sizes of business from the start-up company with a limited budget to the successful business which needs a full solution on the web.

We have divided this service into three categories:

Basic website development
Designed for the client who requires a low-cost solution providing a quality affordable website.
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Graphical website development
Catering for those who want a little bit more flair with their website. Including all the elements from Basic Website Design it takes into consideration more design adding more presentation to the website.
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Bespoke Website development
Bespoke Website Design involves more process than Basic or Graphical, ensuring the client gets exactly what they want from a well planned solution.
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Click here to find out more about the Bespoke website development process
Can you re-design our old site?
We understand that there are many companies and individuals alike that already have websites which have been up for a few years or that they are just not happy with.

We also cater for clients who need...
... their website re-designed or re-vamped to bring it inline with up-to-date websites and portray a better image.
... consultation or advice on why their website is not in the search engine rankings or not performing as expected.
... re-development of their website to optimise the textual and graphical content in order to keep up with modern web standards.

To discuss your development requirements or to get advice the best way forward on the web please contact Internet Managers
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