Basic Website Design & Development
Basic Website Development

Basic Website Design is a service designed for the client who requires a low-cost solution providing a quality website at a very low cost.
What’s Included in the Basic Website Design?
What colours can I have?
Can I change the layout of the website?
What email addresses can I have?
Can I have graphical buttons or other graphical elements on my site?
Other points for consideration to complete the website.
  • Company Logo
  • Textual and graphical content (supplied by client).
  • All graphical content will be optimised for the web and can include pictures / photographs / logos.
  • Textual content can be of any nature and will follow the style most suited to the client.*
*Fonts and colours can be discussed but for optimal viewing the general content must be compliant with W3C standards.
Website colour can be of clients choice but advice should be taken in order to keep the website looking professional and easy to read / understand. ie. Font colours will usually be black or white depending on depth of website background colour but may be changed to suit as long as all text is legible and easy to read. (A ‘Neutral’ text colour has proven to be preferred by consumers.)
‘Clickable’ Menu’s: The menu may be located along the top of the page or down the left hand side. The menu ensures the user can view any page of the site at any time with ‘one click’.

With the ‘basic website design’ menu’s are ‘textual’. The text changes colour when the user moves the mouse over the link.
The logo is situated at the top of each page and can be either left or right aligned.
Headers & Footers:
  • Header: All basic websites have a header that ‘brands’ the site. This usually comprises of a logo and may contain a title and / or address details. The header remains the same throughout the website.
  • Footer: (optional) This is useful for displaying generic content like email address, copyright, telephone number etc.
Email addresses are supplied in conjunction with the domain name and can usually be dictated by the client eg.
Buttons and other graphical elements can be added to the website adding more colour and design. Advice on time and cost to add further elements can be given on request. Buttons and other graphical elements can be added to the website adding more colour and design. Advice on time and cost to add further elements can be given on request. See Graphical Website Design.
Domain Name:
A ‘domain name’ should be decided upon relevant to the website.
There are a number of domain name prefixes and a company may hold one or many depending on the nature of the site. Examples include:
  • - company in the UK
  • .com - company
  • .org - organisation
  • .net - network
Advice and help on choosing a suitable domain name and prefix is available on request.
A website needs to be hosted, ie have a provider set up to hold website files and make them available to the internet so the website can be viewed on the internet. Hosting costs vary and help can be provided choosing the correct host for the website on request.
Some websites need to be ‘marketed’ depending on the nature of the website.
Websites that have competition will invariably have competition on the internet. This is where marketing comes in.
Marketing is a specialists job − initially setting the site up to be listed with search engines and ensuring the content of the site is correct and as ‘productive’ as possible. Once listed with search engines, monitoring changes and progress to ensure the ‘ranking’ of the website remains as high as possible at all times.
Marketing will maximise the potential for ‘traffic’ (number of users) for the website and therefore increase the potential earnings of the site.

Marketing strategies are discussed with the client if required.