Web Strategy Planning
Web Strategy Planning

Your website needs to reflect your business; promotional, informative and attractive. As your business grows so should your website and that’s where many businesses fail.
Having a website is one thing but making it successful is another matter entirely.

This is where Internet Managers can become your ‘arm’ on the web. With the ability to provide ongoing support and advice on developing and maintaining your website we also believe it is imperative that the basis for success is a good web strategy.

Working with the client we can help determine:
  • The best plan for growth of the web site.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Competitor analysis and profiling.
  • The most effective methods for turning visitors into customers.
We also believe that clients gain more from their website through understanding:
  • Web site performance and download times.
  • Correct content and linking methods.
  • Web site navigation and ease of use.
  • User trends and habits.
  • Methods of updating the website.
Through experience we know that a client that understands how their website can work and integrate with their company will have a much bigger input into the design and development of their web site. Clients who adopt this approach are a lot more confident in the future of their website and how it will benefit them from the very start.

Whether you want to discuss your present web site and how you could improve it or would like to develop a strategy for your online business Internet Managers would love to hear from you. Please contact us using any of the methods listed on the left side of this page.