Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO
Search engine optimisation (also referred to as SEO) is the process performed to improve a websites position in the search engines.

Improving a web sites position in the search engine rankings gives the company better exposure on the web increasing sales and promotion potential.

Why does my site need SEO?
Most companies have a website and competition on the web is becoming harder each year. Websites are in many cases a major contributor to a company’s sales and therefore a very important part of its marketing strategy. Studies have proven that over 80% of users and customers use a search engine to find specific information and products and many will only check the first page of results from a search engine before further refining their search terms. For these reasons and more it is now imperative that your website not only looks good but it also functions correctly, is easy to navigate and most importantly is found by search engines. This is where correct search engine optimisation has become one of the biggest parts of a web strategy.

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are continuously enhancing the way they ‘farm’ information for their search results. Rules are constantly changing and becoming stricter. If you have used search engines for a while you will have noticed that the results are becoming more relevant and information is easier to find. This is all very well for the user or ‘searcher’ but it is making it harder for companies to maintain their standing on the web against their competition. This is where a good marketing strategy including SEO is imperative.

How can Internet Managers help me?
Internet Managers offer many services from site analysis to strategy programmes which monitor a web sites progress working with the company to maximise its web presence. If your web site needs a ‘helping hand’ or your business lacks a web strategy then contact Internet Managers to discuss the best plan and implementation for your site.

The process of SEO includes:
  • Analysis of the content on each page within a web site and generating keywords and sets of keywords which would be most commonly used in search terms on a search engine to find the specific information for the page.
  • Ensuring the structure of each web page is complete and correct: Maximising titles for pages to fully describe each individual page. Making sure no ‘search engine rules’ are broken which could lead to a site getting barred from the search engine. Correct formatting of links to relevant content on each page and much more.
  • Link building − reciprocal link exchanges and one way links to other websites which will maximise a companies chances of getting found.
  • Analysis of marketing and other methods of promoting the website.
  • Submission to all the major search engines and other techniques to enhance search engine listings.

There are many hurdles and factors to take into consideration when analysing a web site in order to maximise its potential in search engine listings and that’s where Internet Managers can help. Contact Us to find out more.