E-Commerce Solutions
E-Commerce Solutions

"A Company’s web site is its shop window to the world"

A bold statement? A few years ago maybe but it has been proven time and time again that a company with a good web presence and an effective e-commerce solution can improve sales dramatically. It’s practically keeping your storefront open 24/7 giving the consumer the ability to browse and purchase goods from you at their leisure.

What makes a successful ‘online shop’?
  • Ensuring your customer can find you.
  • Making sure your products are displayed in a logical order − categorising into an easy to use menu system if appropriate.
  • Giving clear concise details about each product including pricing & product options.
  • Making the ‘Steps to Purchase’ easy to understand.
  • Providing all the information the customer needs in order make a decision.
  • Making the process pleasurable for the user attracting them back and increasing repeat business.
When faced with the question ‘what is the best way to get a shopping cart that works?’ we would always suggest getting a bespoke ‘cart’ designed and tested. There are many ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions offered on the web boasting the easiest way to produce your own shopping cart. All the clients we’ve encountered that have taken this route are unhappy ones! They may offer a good low-cost solution but will they really give you what you want − probably not.

Internet Managers specialise in bespoke e-commerce solutions. We believe the only way to produce a good e-shop is to discuss with the client how they want it to work;
  • Advise on how the products should be grouped and displayed.
  • Discuss delivery options and necessary user information required in an order.
  • Find out the best way of laying out an order for use when it is received.
  • Advising on the methods of integrating a shopping cart with your bank.
These factors and many more go into a good e-commerce solution.

Can a shopping cart be added to my existing site?
Yes − Internet Managers can develop e-commerce solutions to add to your existing site once an assessment has been done to check all the fundamental components of the host allow a shop to be developed. If your host doesn’t provide everything you need we will advise you on the steps to take in order to get your shop online.

The Cost
Because E-Commerce solutions are bespoke to each company and costs vary. When approaching any solution with a client Internet Managers discuss all the options to determine the most cost-effective solution without cutting any corners. In our experience this is the only way to ensure your e-commerce solution grows with your business and adds to your profitability.

There are still many sites which have pages displaying a fantastic range products but still leave the customer guessing how to buy them. Other sites will have a picture of their storefront on their product page and information about how to telephone and order but giving the user no detail of the products. Some sites have shopping carts which confuse the user so much they give up before even getting to the till. Have you encountered this problem? So have we.
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