Search Engine Toolbars
Most well known search engines now offer a 'toolbar' containing a multitude of different features. The toolbar is placed at the top of your web browser and is used specifically for the search engine it has been obtained for.
Depending on what you want as a surfer these toolbars can be very useful; saving searches for later use, showing analytical data on the web sites you view and much more.

Below we have listed but a few toolbars of (again) the more popular search engines.

Google Toolbar
Google browser toolbar
The Google Toolbar includes features such as:
  • 'Page Rank' to display how popular google deems the web site to be.
  • Blocking of those annoying pop-ups.
  • 'Auto Fill' functionality for web forms to fill in data which you regularly type in.
  • Suggestive text - to allow for search term suggestions.
download normal version:
download enterprise edition:
Yahoo Toolbar
Yahoo browser toolbar
The Yahoo Toolbar includes features such as:
  • Customisable buttons.
  • Bookmarking options.
  • Spyware blocker functionality.
MSN Toolbar
MSN browser toolbar
The MSN Toolbar includes features such as:
  • Pop-up blocker.
  • Keyword highlighe tool.
  • Specific buttons to access MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger.